‘Blog Beginnings’

I always wanted to be named something pretty and ‘normal’ like Emma or Sarah rather than what I actually got landed with. (No offence mum and dad.) Instead I was given the ‘not so normal’ name Justine. But then seeing as i’m as far removed from normal as you can get… I’ve now learned to love it a little.

Yes it’s true I do have a tendency to be a drama queen and over exaggerate but without that little personality trait I would probably be boring.

By day I live an average mundane nine to five working life… trying to keep my imagination in check. Prone to daydreaming at work and thinking up writing plots when I should be making patients appointments and whatnot… Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that writing is what makes me… ME! Being creative and generally planning or creating things is what makes me tick.

Undoubtedly a hopeless romantic, I shamelessly believe in love and happy ever afters. Seeing as that hasn’t happened to me yet… and seeing as the cynics out there would have me believe that it NEVER happens like that… I, for now anyway, will cling to the fact that being blessed with a love of prose… will instead get to live life vicariously through the lives (and love lives of course) of my lovely characters. I believe a healthy dose of escapism is good for the soul, or at the very least it might put a smile on your face for an hour or so.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I have an unhealthy love and obsession with Twitter, Christmas, Books and Fashion. If i’m not writing, you will most likely find me with my nose in a good novel, tweeting incessantly, sewing Christmas stockings or creating my forthcoming fashion line.

So this is me… Welcome to my crazy world. Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend

J xoxo


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