‘I write therefore I read…’

Thursday. ‘I write therefore I read… And vice versa!’
A huge part of reading for me has always been my love of the escapism factor. Starting from the grand old age of seven, I was always clamouring after new books. Enid Blyton fast became my staple ‘go-to’ author throughout my childhood. Even now I can recollect saving up my pocket money, twenty pence on a Wednesday and Saturday each week, until I had saved enough go to my local shop and buy ‘The Enchanted Wood!’ (My very first ‘proper’ book as I liked to think at the time.)
My friend Marie hit the nail on the head yesterday when she said that there’s something from reading that brings a sense of comfort. And I completely agree. Because no matter how hard life gets, (And boy it can get tough as I think we all know…) there’s something about sitting down and curling up with a brand spanking new novel that lets your brain switch off from all the rubbish that is going on in life! This is thus what I call the escapism factor!
As a writer, apart from having a burning desire to tell a story… I honestly feel that one of the most important aspects of our job is to create something that allows a person to be able to switch off if even only for a few hours, a therapeutic outlet if you like. Let’s face it… If you wanted a lecture you’d go sit in a lecture hall.
Yes it’s true, I do like to inspire people, and yes I would also love to put my stamp on the world, maybe make a difference and create some award winning, life affirming novel… But more importantly than all that, if I can manage to produce something that causes even just one of you to smile, (and of course make you feel good…) then it’ll be a job well done!
As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been working on my novel for some time now. It honestly seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. When the time comes… I hope that it provides you with your own escapism and that it captures your heart. Just like it has my own when writing it.
Hope you all have a good day.
My recommended read of this week is ‘The One Plus One’ by JoJo Moyes.
J xoxo
*Thankyou for all the lovely feedback and support after yesterday’s post. It means the world. If you haven’t yet… Come chat to me on Twitter @justcaptivates or email jamachin07@aol.com.

Photo today is one that I took at Morecambe Bay on New Years Eve 2012.

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