‘Feature Friday’ – In which I reveal one of life’s hidden gems…

So every Friday from now and for the foreseeable future, I will be taking the heat away from me, (thank goodness) to bring you something a little bit different. This is going to be known as my ‘Feature Friday’ page.

Feature Friday is going to be all about YOU. Well, not necessarily you per se, but you as in any of you that has something to say or something you want to share.

This week I shall be shining the spotlight on my beautiful friend Gemma and showcasing the fabulous talent that has become ‘Gem’s Creations.’

gem purple scarfgemma wearing scarfgem scarf orange

For as long as I can remember now, Gemma has always been a dreamer. Self confessed, she dreams BIG no matter how unrealistic things may seem! This is one of the things that I truly loved about Gemma from day one. Perhaps this is even what initially drew us to one another when we first met and then inevitably became affirmed life-long friends.

Needless to say, I am fiercely proud of how far this little lady has come! By day, Gemma works with young people, making a difference to the lives of others. (Whether she’s aware of this or not!) By night the flamboyant, creative side in her awakens. This is when, sat in the living room of her home, the magic takes place.

Choosing scarves wasn’t a hard choice. Initially just a Christmas project, Gemma started making homemade gifts for family and friends with her reasoning behind them being that they would simply put a smile on the faces of those that she loved. What started off as something small soon took off. Blood, sweat and tears went into the meticulous planning and care needed to create these individual, spectacular stand out pieces that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else. They became so popular that after several requests, Gemma decided to brave it and start up a facebook page to represent what we now know as ‘Gem’s Creations.’

Refreshingly down to earth, Gemma admits that she herself is still learning. I tell her this is pretty hard to believe looking at what she produces! But what’s even more loveable about this girl is why she does this and what she gets from it. ‘More than anything I get a sense of pride. I love the end result, knowing that I created it and that someone wants to buy it.’

If you fancy having a go at making scarves yourself or even setting up your own little franchise, Gemma says that lots of practice makes perfect. She herself spent hours honing her craft. One tip is to try to source good quality materials as obviously you want something hard wearing but also excellent value for money. (YouTube videos help along the way too!)

And for those of you who like Gemma, are also avid dreamers, her life motto is this… ‘Just go for it! Yes it’s scary putting yourself and your creations out there, but do it! The support I have received has been amazing.’

Asked about future ventures, Jewellery is in the pipeline and of course she would love to one day expand ‘Gem’s Creations.’ With skills like this…Who knows what will be on the cards next!

If you like what you see, (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t? They’re beautiful!) You can check out Gemma’s page yourself by following the link below. Just drop her a message. If you’re after something a little bit different or custom made, then just ask. Gemma would love to hear from you. Oh and on a plus, she delivers too! No need to venture out into the hoards of harassed shoppers at the weekend!


Have a fabulous Friday all!

J xoxo


gem scarf greyGem's Creations


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