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‘In which I talk Fashion…’

It was just as I was getting up this morning that out of the corner of my eye I spotted my worst nightmare. It was big, and it was ugly, taunting me as it ran across my bedroom wall. Ok so I’m being a drama queen. I know I know, but I really have a spider phobia. Even typing the S word makes me shudder! But it was for this reason that I ended up balancing, (in half dressed state) precariously on a chair (WITH wheels- stupid I know) trying to suck the little bugger into oblivion with the vacuum cleaner.
It was at this precise moment that the suction chose to fail me. Which brings me to the point of today’s blog post. The saying is true. You get what you pay for!
Most of us girls love our clothes. But in a world where fashion is uber fast paced, with exciting trends and a new different wardrobe every month, (let alone every season) it can get costly. It’s true in this current economic climate, money is tight. And seeing as a girl still needs her little pick me ups, popping down to the cheapest place on the high street to grab a few bargains isn’t uncommon. (I do it all the time too!) But then in the same breath, we then can’t complain when the ‘said bargains’ start to wear a little thin on the ground or if the hems come unravelling after just a couple of washes.
Instead perhaps, invest in classic timeless pieces that sure may cost a little more money in the short term, but will last for the long haul. Cheap doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with quality.
Take the LBD. (For those who have been hiding under a rock their whole lives, this stands for little black dress.) An absolute essential for every girl’s wardrobe. This is a timeless piece and although over the generations there have been many takes on it, if you find a classic style then you can’t go far wrong. Old Hollywood greats such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn wore them. (See pics below.)

grace lbdaudrey lbdCelebrities at the Cosmopolitan Fash Fest

Likewise today’s generation wear them just as well. Take Millie Mackintosh for instance. (Cover photo and above.) Not only does she wear her black prom dress with elegant sophistication, but she designed the thing in the first place too! She obviously knows that a classic LBD will be a sure fire winner and a must buy for not just this season, but all the seasons to come.
I am an avid eco-friendly and fair trade supporter where fashion is concerned. But I am aware that it’s not always possible to wear fashion with the two linked in. There are few and far between shops that make fair trade or eco-friendly clothes available. But let it be known that even if you just invest in one staple piece instead of buying lots of cheaper items, you’ll be making a positive impact on the planet too! So before you buy your next party frock, think about this… What might be trendy and low cost now, might very well be outdated, out worn and on a landfill this time next year. Instead save yourself some money in the long term and invest in something that you’ll be able to pull out of the closet for years to come.
The Spider inevitably came to its untimely end. But your clothes don’t have to.

Seeing as today is the day of rest… I hope you all have a relaxed day.

J xoxo

P.s Here are the links for those that want to check out the black prom dress or any of Millie’s collection.



Follow Millie on Twitter @millsmackintosh and her label @millieMclothing

prom dress mill

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