‘Just Another Manic Monday’

Although some would criticise or frown upon me for wearing my heart on my sleeve so vehemently, as time goes on, (and this blog hopefully) you will see that I do categorically do so. I’m not ashamed or afraid of this, I am who I am and I’ve found over the years that not only is being upfront and honest a little more refreshing, but that speaking from the heart is the quickest sure-fire way to get people to connect with one another. The same goes for my novel. Although a work of fiction, I have drawn on real life aspects and experiences… If a reader can’t connect emotionally to the characters then they won’t connect at all with the story. (#Writers Tip Number 1. for you there!) More about my novel to come in a future blog…
You will note (Those of you who look at the miniscule details such as the times of these things) that I write at all hours. I have been known to carry a notepad around in my handbag as well as all the other rubbish that gets crammed in there. Post it notes with frantically scribbled notes also feature regularly, stuffed in my purse between store cards I never use and receipts I have no need to keep. I am by all means a hoarder.

Anyway. It’s a Monday morning. And although most people hate rolling out of bed, getting up and going into work doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m blessed to work with some very lovely people and as they say, this is half the battle in having a job you enjoy. We do have a tendency to laugh. A lot!

You may spot that I start sentences with words such as ‘And’ or ‘But.’ I do. Not grammatically correct or very good English I know, but this isn’t ever going to be a Nobel Winning Prize blog and I have my unique style of writing that I tend to stick to. However for my sister’s sake, I will refrain from using abbreviations such as lol on here. Hope this pleases you Janine. Lol. (Oops.)
Also, I don’t draft or edit these particular things, I write as I go. So any mistakes or waffling that may take place both now and in the future… Apologies, mistakes are all my own!

Those of you who love your fashion and beauty… Watch this space. I’m off to buy a new phone! Will be able to take photos once more and will be uploading lots of pics and tips for you this week…

Have a fabulous day.

J xoxo


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